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Non-exclusive license with Sage Science for use of CRISPR-Cas9-assisted targeting scheme (CATCH)


We have signed the first license for our CATCH technology with Sage Science, a US based company which develops DNA and protein fractionation systems for the life sciences research markets.


The technology: CRISPR-Cas9-assisted targeting scheme (CATCH)


To capitalize on Sage's leadership position in size selection of HMW DNA, they have invented a new way of isolating extremely HMW genomic DNA. Most current DNA isolation technologies produce DNA with a maximum length in the range of 50-100kb. The HLS technology was invented to meet the needs of the new generation of long-read sequencing technologies (PacBio and Oxford Nanopore), along with those of the new optical mapping genomic technologies (Bionano Genomics and Genomic Vision). The HLS system is an electrophoretic purification system that produces DNA in the range of 150kb to 2000kb. The HLS system purifies DNA directly from intact cell suspensions or whole blood.

In addition, the HLS system can integrate DNA purification with other enzymatic or chemical processing steps, such as NGS library construction. In particular, we have demonstrated the potential for using custom guideRNA/cas9 complexes to cleave HLS-purified DNA in the HLS cassette, to selectively recover targeted genomic DNA sequences, separated from the remainder of the non-targeted genomic DNA. For this reason, the HLS system is an attractive platform for Dr. Ebenstein's CATCH technology.


The HLS system will be an important new initiative for Sage. Heretofore, Sage has sold only instruments and consumable gel cassettes with no reagents other than molecular weight markers. With the HLS system, Sage will begin to package a broader range of reagent kits, (1) for purification of DNA from various sources using the HLS process, (2) for integrated purification and long-read NGS library construction in the HLS cassettes, and (3) for targeted genomic DNA isolation (and library construction) using the CATCH technology.

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