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Mika Guterman

Was Born on Noa's 4th year of her PhD.

Mika already shows prospects of geniuses in her negotiation skills.

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Omri Koren

Omri and Tamar love taking Hikes while reflecting the DNA modifications happening around us.

In one of those hikes came up the idea, for the Hypersensitive quantification of global 5-hydroxymethylcytosine by chemoenzymatic tagging paper.

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Adam is a 100% born and published in the lab.

With Dima and Sigal both students of the Ebenstin Group, all the royalties from Adam’s future achievements belong to the us.

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Rony & Lily

While still in the womb, Rony published a paper on epigenetic marks.

Lily, inspired her Mom to do a Genomic mapping of 5hmC

while smearing her food all over the table.

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Orie & Yuli

Orie was born on Sivan's 2nd year of PhD. She likes to do experiments with her mom. Yuli was born on Sivan's 5th year of PhD and likes to experiment with his mother's patience.


Yaar Zur 

When he doesn’t drink milk or chill in the kibbutz, Yaar likes pressing the keyboard and help his mom writing papers and scientific articles.


Amit & Maayan Jeffet

Amit was born on Jonathan's 2nd year of his PhD.

Amit helps his dad by brainstorming all night and arguing about optical imaging and blippi. 

Maayan was born on Jonathan's final year of his PhD.  Maayan helps Jonathan practice his pitch presentations for founding an epigenetic based startup at the middle of the night.


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Michael &
Gabriel Fridman

While Michael and Gabriel spend their childhood causing damage around the house, Dena spent her MSc studies,  working on  Damage Detection sequencing.

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